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Code-A-Bit Challenge 2023

Unlock your child's creativity


Why Should Your Child Participate

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Freedom to Express

Utilise  time and creativity more effectively. 


Flexible, Online participations. 

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Win Exciting Prizes

All the winners receive certificates 

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Global Participation

Compete with students across the globe

About the Event

Code- Create and Participate in Code-A-Bit-Challenge 2023


Code-A-Bit 2023 is the fourth edition to this successful coding competiton which was started to engage students during the lockdown. The response received  last year was amazing and we had to live up to the enthusiasm showed by the students.

The projects submitted by the students last year can be seen here.

This year, the competition is going to be tougher, bigger and more exciting!!




Ages 7-9 years

  1. Create an animation/game using MIT Scratch 3.0

  2. The game has to be created from the start by the participant only. Avoid Remix option

  3. One submission per participant. First submission will be considered the final submission.

  4. Mention the theme used in the notes section along with the instructions to play the game

  5. Submission type : Scratch  url/link (Make sure the project is shared so that the link can be opened).

Themes to be followed for animation/games (choose any one of the following)


  1. Water is precious for humans, and for marine animals too

  2. Keep the land green and clean

  3. Clean air is our savior

Age 10-12 years

  1. Create an app on Thunkable or MIT App Inventor OR create a game on MIT Scratch

  2. The app/game has to be original

  3. Submission type : 

    1. Thunkable link or MIT App Inventor .aia file is to be submitted (NO APK file will be accepted). This is the preferred way of submission.

    2. If not submitting the link or .aia file, submit the link of a video showing the working of the app with all its features and upload it on  Youtube(unlisted or public) or Google Drive(access is given)

    3. If submitting a game, share Scratch  url/link (Make sure the project is shared so that the link can be opened).

  4. The app can be an awareness app, informational app, quiz app, game app, chat app, solution to a problem app etc. Be creative, follow the theme.

  5. Mention the theme in the home screen of the app/in notes in the game.

  6. One submission per participant


Theme to be followed for the App/Game (choose any one of the following)

  1. Waste minimization can be achieved in an efficient way by focusing primarily on the 3Rs, "reduce,"reuse" and "recycle."

  2. Health is Wealth/Healthy habits

  3. Food wastage - a global problem

Ages 13-15 years

  1. Create a website using HTML/CSS/JavaScript

  2. The website has to be created from scratch by the participant and  the code needs to be original.

  3. One submission per participant.

  4. Submission type : Either of below

    1. Link of website hosted on Github 

    2. Link of a video showing the working of the website with all its features(upload the video on YouTube (unlisted or public link) or upload it on a google drive and make the link accessible)


Theme to be followed for the website 

Create your own business website.

Use the below points as help (optional):

  1. Find a problem around you , in your community, in your state or in your country

  2. Find the way to solve it and create the website on this topic.

  3. Why did you choose the problem

  4. Try to find if it can be converted into a business plan/NGO/prototype of final solution

Start creating your projects NOW

Finalists will be chosen by a group of jury and will proceed to the final round. 

Final date to submit :20th August 2023 11:59 pm EST.

Submit the Animation/Game/App/Website link here.



Winners will be selected based on their Creativity, Idea, Theme, Logic and Complexity of game/website.


So, un-Lock the code this Lockdown and get started with your games and websites to win prizes upto INR 10,000!

Do not know how to code but want to participate? Join MindChamp's 7 day Program 

Steps to Participate

Step 1 :

Code Project for the contest

Ages 7-9 : Create Animation/Game using MIT Scratch

Ages 10-12 : Create App using Thunkable/MIT App Inventor or Game using MIT Scratch

Ages 13-15 : Create Website using HTML,CSS,Javascript libraries

Step 2 :

Submit Project using any one or combination of the themes

Last Date of Submission : 20th August 2023

Step 3 :

Jury Round

Semi Finalists will be presenting their project in front of prominent Jury members from the industry

Step 4 :

Win Exciting Prizes

Winners will be announced mid September on our social media channels.(Follow us to stay updated )

Projects of the finalists in Code A Bit 2020-21


Submit your Project

Eligibility: 7-15 years only
Last Date: 1st August

Thanks for submitting!

Dotted Background


1. Only one project will be accepted

2. Students have to be original and cannot copy a project from the internet. 

3. Submissions after 1st August 11:59 pm IST will not be accepted

4. Game Projects will be created on MIT Scratch only. Website Projects will be created on HTML/CSS/Javascript library only.

5. Ensure the scratch project links are shared to public else will be disqualified. 

6. Scratch Project date of creation should be after 5th July only. No remix allowed.

7. Website projects created on wix/wordpress or such platforms will be disqualified. Share the Website link (If you know how to host the website) or Google drive link where you have stored the .html folder

8. Winning categories are divided into 3 groups :

    7-9 years (Animation/Game)

    10-12 years (App Building)

    13-15 years (Website Building)

9. Students from around the world can participate

10. For any questions related to the contest, email

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