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Referral Program

Encourage your friend's kids AND your kid's friends to join our coding program. Earn 500 for every friend that signs up.

Your Friend avails 300 off after signing up

Get 500 INR off on every referral through you. How cool is that?

  • Inform your friends about the program. Fill the form below and we will send all the necessary details to your friend

  • They are required to fill the  "Free evaluation session" form on the website and enter your registered email id in the "How did you hear about MindChamp " section

  • Upon your friend's successful registration our team will happily provide you with INR 500 off towards your next payment.

  • Your friend too avails a discount of INR 300 post successful signup.

  • Oops, your friend forgot to fill the form and mention you? Contact us and let us know within a month. We will then apply the discount to each of your accounts.

Ready to Refer Someone?

Thank you for referring to your contact! We will get in touch soon

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