Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many levels does MindChamp offer?

There are 11 levels for ages 7 - 14 i.e 140 sessions in total.

2. How many hours is each level?

Every level is 10-12 hours (10-12 sessions of 1 hour).

3. Is it a one-on-one class?

We have 1-1 as well as group classes.There are 1-3 students in a group batch depending on the slot chosen. We believe a child can learn better in a group but we can specifically arrange a 1-1 class as well if needed. We also have a Learn-With-A-Buddy program where friends can enroll together and avail exciting discounts.

4. Will it be daily or weekly?

It depends on the student's convenience.

5. Can I pay monthly?

Yes, we have a monthly payment option.

6. Who are the educators?

MindChamp’s mission is to enable women in technology to teach the next generation of learners. Through a rigorous interview process, we screen applicants with a CS/IT background and work experience in the IT industry. They are then trained to teach kids. >80% of our educators are engineers and the rest have a Masters-level degree in Computer Science.

7. Do you have a yearly package?

Yes. Please contact the MindChamp team for the same.

8. What if my child doesn’t want to continue after some levels?

We will extend a refund for the remaining classes. Although, 99.9% of our students complete their levels and 90% of them move to the next level.

9. How can my child access his notes and exercises?

Every child gets his/her own login on our platform where they can access their notes, exercises, and review course contents.


About Us

At MindChamp, our aim is to promote STEM learning and 21st century skills in school students at an early age in a structured manner. 

We are teaching from 2016 and Our educators are all from IT/CS background and highly qualified. our focus is specifically computer coding and we strive to become the best at what we do. Many of our students are through word of mouth and referrals which ensure the quality of our teaching.

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