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  • 1. How many levels does MindChamp offer?
    There are 11 levels for ages 7 - 14 i.e 140 sessions in total.
  • 2. How many hours is each level?
    Every level is 10-12 hours (10-12 sessions of 1 hour).
  • 3. Is it a one-on-one class?
    We have 1-1 as well as group classes.There are 1-3 students in a group batch depending on the slot chosen. We believe a child can learn better in a group but we can specifically arrange a 1-1 class as well if needed. We also have a Learn-With-A-Buddy program where friends can enroll together and avail exciting discounts.
  • 4. Will it be daily or weekly?
    It depends on the student's convenience.
  • 5. Can I pay monthly?
    Yes, we have a monthly payment option.
  • 6. Who are the educators?
    MindChamp’s mission is to enable women in technology to teach the next generation of learners. Through a rigorous interview process, we screen applicants with a CS/IT background and work experience in the IT industry. They are then trained to teach kids. >80% of our educators are engineers and the rest have a Masters-level degree in Computer Science.
  • 7. Do you have a yearly package?
    Yes. Please contact the MindChamp team for the same.
  • 8. What if my child doesn’t want to continue after some levels?
    We will extend a refund for the remaining classes. Although, 99.9% of our students complete their levels and 90% of them move to the next level.
  • 9. How can my child access his notes and exercises?
    Every child gets his/her own login on our platform where they can access their notes, exercises, and review course contents.
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